1-on-1: ACU head football coach Adam Dorrel


ABILENE, TX - KTXS Sports Director Chris Wilner sat down with Abilene Christian University's new head football coach Adam Dorrel to discuss his newly-completed staff, thoughts on working with ACU great and NFL veteran Danieal Manning, and his outlook on recruiting.

How has the last three weeks been, after the welcoming ceremony and now just kind of really hitting the ground running finding your staff?

"Busy would be the word I would use. Exciting though, maybe a little anxious at times but I feel great now that we've had our staff hired and obviously that's a big relief off my mind."

We'll start with your coordinators. Obviously these are going to be the guys you look upon as really the face of this coaching staff and then it kind of trickles down from there. What do you think?

"We'll I'll start with Tremaine, he's a Houston native and has worked in Texas before at Universities -- has a lot of experience. He went through our whole and entire roster on defense of guys coming back. It was just great to have him talk in such a positive context. Josh played for me at Northwest Missouri State. He and I had a very special relationship and then he moved in to being a graduate assistant coach for us. He's the guy I trust immensely. We think a lot a like, and he's very good at coaching the quarterbacks."

You've got a couple of ACU alums coming back here, kind of talk about the relationships and the motivation for bringing those guys back from a guy like Danieal Manning who played here and went on to the NFL, coming back here now as a student.

"Yeah as far as Danieal, he was just a no-brainer for me from the get-go. My first time meeting him face to face, he came up and gave me a hug and said 'Coach, I don't want any special treatment, if I'm supposed to get doughnuts --' and I'm like this is a guy who's played in the NFL for that long and I just thought that was so cool what he said to the rest of our staff. He's very, very sharp and that comes across very quickly. It was so important to him not to just finish his degree, but to finish it here and he is going to have a very special niche in our program."

I also want to talk about J.W. Walsh. This is a guy who's got the family lineage of coaching with his father John. What do you like about him?

"I like a lot of things. It was funny, we stared off the staff meeting today and I reminded everybody that the youngest guy on the staff had the most re-tweets on his (laughter) on his send out. He's obviously a great player from Oklahoma State, his father is a very prominent high school football coach in Dallas. I've learned a lot about him -- he was actually born in Abilene. We've been burning up the film room all day and he just has immediate knowledge of Dallas -- I mean, 'hold on let me call the coach', and so it's just great to have right now."

So now, the main focus area before we hit February 1st for you and your coaching staff. What's the main focus in terms of the kids you're eyeing?

"I'm sitting here looking at kids on film, and you know, they many only have one or maybe two offers and there's just a lot of those kids. But it's great. It's Texas High School football you know, so it's exciting. If those kids are where I've been in the past -- I mean they'd have been gobbled up, they've got all these offers. So it's exciting and I'm confident we're going to have a great class."

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