1-on-1: HSU's Hemphill talks about setting 11 records in win


ABILENE, Texas - Hardin-Simmons junior running back Jaquan Hemphill set 11 records during the Cowboys' 80-42 win at East Texas Baptist on Saturday. Hemphill ran for 293 yards, totaled 357 total yards, and scored eight touchdowns.

Below is a transcript from Jaquan's sit-down interview with KTXS Sports Reporter Evan Nemec.

"Evan: What were your emotions like going through the game?"

"Jaquan: Just the game-setting emotions. Not really worried about the outside things. I was just worried about the plays as they come and what the team does as a whole."

"Evan: The numbers are hard to believe or fathom. Why do you think you were so successful on Saturday?"

"Jaquan: Definitely because of my team, honestly. The team I've been blessed to be on. The O-Line, incredible blockers are incredible people. The receivers, as well, being able to go and block and do what they need to do for us. It's great to be on this team."

"Evan: Were you keeping track during the game of how many touchdowns you had?"

"Jaquan: That kind of comes with it. I wasn't too worried about it, honestly. As long as we had more numbers on the board than they did at the end of it all, I was happy."

"Evan: That record-setting, your seventh rushing touchdown was a bit longer than some of the others and you broke four or five tackles. How did that play happen?"

"Jaquan: Once he called the play, and we saw the linebackers came in to close the gap, I didn't really think I was going to get much out of it. Just the effort, really. That's what we always talk about, giving exceptional effort. That's what we did. Being able to break some tackles, even without a shoe. It was fun. I thought I was going to go down, but in the back of mind I said, 'No, you can't go down now. It's time to finish through.' And that's what happened."

"Evan: You guys have a powerful offense, not just yourself but some other big playmakers. But so does Mary-Hardin Baylor, the number 1 ranked team in Division III coming to Abilene. How excited are you to play that game?"

"Jaquan: It's always exciting, especially being able to play number one, but numbers don't matter right now. We've got to worry about us. If you want to see a show come out Saturday, Shelton Stadium, 1 o'clock."