DPS identifies 2 arrested after high-speed chase on I-20



The Texas Department of Public Safety on Friday identified two people arrested after a high-speed chase earlier this week on I-20 that began in Callahan County and ended near Hwy 6 in Eastland County.

Arrested, according to DPS spokesman Frederick Biddle, were:

*- Christopher Michael Riley, 22, of Brownwood

*- Keisha Lashai Weaver, 29, of Abilene

Riley and Weaver are facing charges for evading arrest, possession of controlled substance, possession of marijuana, possession of firearm and tampering with evidence.


"No other information provided," Biddle said in an email Friday.

From the previous story :

DPS said a vehicle was observed driving erratically on eastbound I-20 in Callahan County when attempts were made to pull the yet-to-be-identified driver over.

The driver slowed the vehicle down, apparently to stop, and then sped off.

He then started throwing packages out the window, as the chase continued.

Law enforcement then threw spikes in the road, the vehicle's tires went low, and the vehicle wrecked in the median near the Hwy 6 exit on I-20 in Eastland County.

The driver then fled on foot, but was apprehended shortly.

A woman, who also wasn't immediately identified, remained in the vehicle during the foot chase.

Meanwhile, DPS crews were recovering the discarded packages after the arrests were made shortly before 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.

DPS didn't immediately disclose the contents of the packages.

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