3 counties to vote on tax increase for Ranger College expansion


BROWN COUNTY, Texas - The Ranger College Board of Trustees has officially called for an annexation election to take place in November in Brown, Erath, and Comanche counties, meaning voters will soon decide on a tax increase to help pay for the college's expansions.

The school verified all the petition signatures it received, claiming it got more more signatures than it needed under state law to hold a vote. In Brown County, Ranger College collected 31 percent more signatures than required.

"They're excited about extending our relationship and taking our relationship to the next level," Ranger College Spokesman Ryan Ronan said of the number. "We can do more things for them on a bigger and grander scale."

If voters approve the tax referendum, property owners with a home appraised at $100,000 will pay $110 more a year in property taxes.

That new tax increase would be applied to residents in all three counties - Brown, Erath, and Comanche.

Kimberly McKinney began a Facebook group on July 31 called "Citizens Against Ranger Annexation." In less then two weeks, she has nearly 3,500 members.

"This is kind of my first time to ever do anything like this," McKinney said. "But this issue hit me wrong, so I felt like it was something I needed to have more of a voice in."

McKinney said she opposes the school's plan for a tax increase.

"I don't think that this is the right route to keep themselves in business, taxing everybody in a county," McKinney said.

Voters will decide on the tax increase on November 7. Early voting starts on October 23.