Six months after fire, Rising Star looking at designs for city hall rebuild


RISING STAR, Texas - The process of rebuilding Rising Star City Hall is underway six months after a devastating fire.

The city, whose population is around 800, moved its offices into a portable trailer a few feet away from the site of its former building. City Administrator Jan Clark said they have to start from scratch as they lost more than 500 ordinances.

"We're having to start all over with everything… so it's kind of like a nightmare when you think about it," Clark said.

The fire was the talk of the town for several months. Joe Rodriguez, 84, opened his small store full of knick-knacks five years ago next door to city hall. He wasn't inside on October 10, when the fire erupted.

"I just hope it helps the whole community [and] the whole city," he said.

Rising Star's city hall was built in 1933 and deemed a total loss the day of the fire. State fire marshals ruled the cause as electrical.

The city not only lost all of its ordinances, but the flames wiped out its payment records. They didn't have any files backed up on a server.

"We need everyone to know, we are rebuilding," Clark said. "We're going to keep the historical walls and build inside. We're going to have a drive-thru window."

Rising Star City Council is expected to look over design plans at next month's meeting.

Insurance is covering the construction of the new building.

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