Abilene after-school program registration begins Tuesday


ABILENE, Texas - Though it barely survived being cut to save the city some money, Abilene's after-school program will be open for registration beginning on Tuesday.

In February, the city of Abilene discussed cutting the after-school program. After a few meetings with parents, the city decided to keep it, however they'd implement a fee of $15 per week to offset some of the cost.

"We've put in a lot of hard work. The community came together and it all paid off. I'm very happy that we finally got an answer and can actually move forward and not have to worry about where are kids are going to go," Cynthia Alvidrez said at one of the meetings.

"It was truly a blessing. We got our answers that we have been asking for," Victoria Rangel said.

Recreation and Senior Services Administrator Jeff White was there for those meetings. He learned families would rather pay than see the program get cut entirely.

"There is a fee that's introduced this year, but if you qualify for the free or reduced meal program through Abilene ISD or through your local school district and provide us documentation, then the program is free," White said. "I think a lot of families do depend on it and they look forward to it every year. It's a trusted resource that they can utilize."

White said the after-school program has been in Abilene for years. It operates at four different locations: the Rose Park Recreation Center, G.V. Daniels Park Recreation Center, Sears Park Recreation Center, and Cobb Park Recreation Center. This program is for kids aged six to 13 and is open Monday through Friday from the time school gets out until 6 p.m.

Registration for the after-school program begins on Tuesday. Click here to register for the after-school program. You can also register at the Community Services Office at 633 Walnut.

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