Abilene ATM burglary may be linked to series of burglaries in Kansas& Texas


ABILENE, Texas - A 7-11 convenience store burglary in Abilene may be part of a series of ATM thefts happening in Texas and Kansas.

The Abilene Police Department issued a search warrant for cell tower information aimed at catching two suspects who attempted to steal an ATM from a convenience store on 4673 FM 18.

Abilene Police Department investigators believe the suspects may be from the Dallas area.

The case appears similar to several ATM thefts that occurred in 2010, 2013 and 2015, where a group of suspects from Dallas targeted 7-11 convenience stores in Abilene. Investigators, at that time, were able to identify the suspects through cell records.

Earlier this month, between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. on Aug. 10, a witness said they saw a white van with "Sharon" written on the side pull up to the convenience store on FM 18.

According to the document, a witness saw two individuals dressed in black walk up to the front door with a chain and tie the chain around the ATM. The ATM was then pulled from the store and into the parking lot. In the parking lot, the witness saw that something had been loaded into the van.

The suspects then drove east on FM 18 toward Clyde.

Abilene officers found the front door to the convenience store pried open and that the ATM had been left in the parking lot.

A 2002 Ford cargo van had been stolen from Sharon Allen's catering. Police found the van abandoned on Interstate 20, just east of the city limits. The van showed signs that it had been broken into, police say.

Later that morning, an officer found a suspicious white 2011 Ford cargo van parked on Goliad. The van, apparently stolen from Comet cleaners, was broken into by the same method as one stolen from Sharon Allen's catering.

After communicating with the Dallas Police Department about the recent burglary, they found there have been several ATM thefts in that area and Kansas, where the suspects used a chain to steal an ATM and stole Ford Cargo-type vans to commit offenses.