Abilene bar owner finds many positives in proposed alcohol ordinance


ABILENE, Tx - Nightlife in Abilene may be getting a boost if a proposal to allow alcohol venues to serve until 2 a.m. is passed.

The ordinance got a recommendation from city staff on Monday, but multiple business owners are also in favor of the idea.

Ramon Moreno owns Chelsea Street Pub and Nueva Luna and is opening a second Chelsea Street Pub on South 14 th Street in the coming weeks. He said the ordinance would bring in a great deal of business for his venues, especially his nightclub.

Moreno said the majority of his customers arrive closer to midnight. He said that people will still find a way and place to drink even after last call at midnight or 1 a.m. The proposed ordinance would allow his employees to monitor people's consumption.

"I just think Abilene has been conservative for so long that it's just a little bit harder for change," Moreno said. "But I think it's going to happen someday it may not happen now, but eventually, you know, it will have to happen." The first reading of the proposal is scheduled for Thursday and a public hearing is set for May 11.