Abilene BBB: How to protect yourself after Equifax security breach


ABILENE, Texas - John Riggins, p resident of the Better Business Bureau in Abilene, said his office has received a handful of calls from concerned residents wondering if they are at risk of identity theft in the wake of the massive Equifax security hack.

Equifax, the giant credit reporting company, was hacked in mid-May and through July.

Equifax announced Thursday that 143 million people have potentially been affected.

The cyber criminals had access to client ' s personal information from social security numbers to driver ' s licenses. The company reported about 209,000 U.S customers were exposed.

According to Riggins, those who are concerned should identify whether their information has been compromised. Equifax has set up a website for damage control. The company has established a call center, security packages and credit monitoring for those who have been hacked.

Riggins said people can also set up their own security freeze or pay a company to help. A security freeze will prevent an identity thief from getting credit in a victim ' s name.

If a person ' s identity has been stolen there are non-profits to help people gain their personal information back.

Riggins said its important people check their bank and credit statements frequently to check for unusual activity.

Meanwhile, Equifax Chairman and CEO Rick Martin said, " I deeply regret this incident and I apologize to every effected consumer and all of our partners we all know that the threats to data security are growing by the day."

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