Abilene city council looking to reduce street maintenance fee


ABILENE, Texas - At Thursday night's city council meeting, council members voted against a referendum that would allow voters to weigh in on a street maintenance fee costing $10.3 million annually.

The vote was three to three, and one more vote was needed in order to move forward.

Councilman Kyle McAlister said the next step is following Mayor Anthony Williams' suggestion of reducing the amount of money needed annually to repair the streets.

They'll look into lowering that number so residents and business owners don't have to pay as much. Then council members will decide if they should implement that fee. Once they come to an agreement, they'll revisit the topic at a future city council meeting.

"We just have to move forward. This allows us just to take some steps a little, in my opinion, a little slower to get it to where we need to be, to have a better understanding of the impact in its totality, on business owners, residents and taxpayers of Abilene," said Council member Kyle McAlister.

McAlister said he doesn't want to see this get put off for another year and hopes council will revisit this topic soon.

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