Abilene City Manager wants action on street maintenance fee


ABILENE, Texas - Abilene City Council will decide Thursday if Abilene residents will have to pay more money toward street maintenance.

The city has discussed a street maintenance fee for months and has made several revisions to the plan. Abilene City Manager Robert Hanna said he wants council to finalize a plan he can work with.

"[City] staff doesn't really care what it is, as long as it's some solid direction," Hanna said. "It's now time for council to decide what they want to do. They're the only ones that get to make that decision. They're the policy makers, so hopefully we'll see something come from them on Thursday night."

The proposed street maintenance fee comes after a firm found it would cost almost $400 million to repair all of the city's roads. For the first two years, single-family households would pay $6.75 per month, multi-family would pay $6 per month, and residents 65 years and older would pay $1.75 per month.

The three universities in Abilene would also pay an annual fee, and commercial tiers would begin at $25 per month. That money would all go into the street maintenance fund to be used where needed.

"So what we have in front of them is two options," Hanna said. "They can adopt the ordinance on second reading as written or … make whatever changes they want to make to it then adopt it; or they can direct staff to sit tight until we call an election in May."

A final reading and public hearing for the street maintenance fee is set for Thursday night at Abilene City Hall. Click here to find out more about the proposed ordinance and how it will affect you if approved . Other topics on the agenda include the annual uniform purchases for police and firefighters and a possible grant to help replace 3,000 feet of perimeter fencing at Dyess Air Force Base.

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