Abilene councilman under fire, apologizes for comment on social media

Steve Savage& Nanci Liles

ABILENE, Texas - A comment posted by Abilene City Councilman Steve Savage on a city tourism leader's private Facebook page was immediately attacked Tuesday night as being out of line and resulted in Savage issuing an apology Wednesday.

Savage now, because of his comment, faces possible censure by the Abilene City Council, which will discuss possible action against Savage during a Sept. 28 executive session.

The stink started Tuesday night after Nanci Liles, executive director of the Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau, wrote on Facebook that: "I am grateful to live in a city that offers great opportunity to live, work and visit. I thank our city leadership both past and present."

Her comment came after the city council had approved the fiscal 2017-18 city budget. Savage was one of two council members who had voted against adopting the budget.

Savage responded: "You mean you are glad your paycheck is secure for one more year…."

That, however, wasn't what upset people on social media.

Liles responded: "Steve, my job has never been about me. I love this city and I want to do everything I can to create economic growth so our city thrives for our children and grandchildren. I know you want the same. Thank you for your service."

Savage's response was "B.P." According to, B.P. is an abbreviation for "b---- please."


Mayor Pro-Tempore Shane Price held a news conference on Wednesday to address the issue on behalf of Mayor Anthony Williams. Williams was out of town on city business.

Price said Williams is disappointed with Savage's comments and that the council will discuss the issue on Sept. 28 in executive session.

Savage posted on his personal Facebook page, tagging Liles, on Wednesday saying, "Nanci Liles I'm sorry about what I said last night on your Facebook post, I should not have insulted you like that. Again, I'm sorry."

Liles responded to Savage's post saying, "Apology accepted. Thank you."

Savage declined an interview with KTXS, referring a reporter to his apology on Facebook.