Abilene family waits to hear from Puerto Rican family


ABILENE, Texas - With 97 percent of the 3.4 million residents of Puerto Rico still without power after Hurricane Maria, the Bruno family in Abilene is struggling to hear from their family back home.

"They really, really need help now. I mean, it's been seven days. I still have not been able to contact with my aunt, my god mother. My mother has not been able to communicate with her brother," said Ivette Magalie Bruno.

"My husband can't communicate with his parents, it's just, it just feels powerless because you know you can help but you can't do nothing," said Bruno.

They've only been able to contact his parents through a neighbor.

"The home is intact but basically all the surroundings, it's all a wasteland," said Ed Bruno, Ivette's husband.

One friend has a landline that still works, but Bruno said even those on the island struggle to learn what's happening around them.

" She says, 'Magalie, we have no idea that this is going on. I'm right here in the island but since we have no electricity, no internet, no cell phone, all I know is what is around me outside of my home,'" Bruno said.

"We feel despair because we're healthy and able and we have resources to help our own people but we can't because of how we reach there. They're in an island surrounded by water," said Bruno.

The Bruno family wants to know why more hasn't been done for the island, and why their emergency isn't being treated like the situation in southeast Texas or in Florida.

"When the hurricane happened here in Texas, you see everyone, every American arm to arm, shoulder to shoulder. Let's help our fellow Americans. I don't hear people talking about us as American people, you know, to help us," said Bruno.

Only the military has been able to get the island, but with a damaged airport, even that is a challenge.

"My husband is just desperate to get to Puerto Rico, which he can't get a flight right now to get in and help his parents," said Bruno.