Abilene firefighters offer tips to using space heaters safely


As the temperature starts getting colder, you 're going to want to warm up. Space heaters can keep you warm during the winter, but they can also be dangerous.

Battalion Chief Joey Kincaid, with the Abilene Fire Department, said it's important to think about where you place them.

"Space heaters of any kind, we want a minimum of three feet between it and any combustible surface," Kincaid said. "So, away from your bed, away from furniture, anything like that, that might catch on fire, you need to definitely maintain that three feet space."

He also said you should plug your space heaters directly into a wall outlet – not an into extension cord.

"We do have a lot of fires in town because of space heaters or heating appliances things like that," Kincaid said. "It's just kind of inevitable, but we want everybody to be as safe as possible and hopefully cut that number down."

Kincaid said that some gas fire heaters can release carbon monoxide, which can be deadly.

Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas.

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include headache, red face and dizziness.

Kincaid recommends having a carbon monoxide meter in your home.

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