14-year-old Abilene girl gets wish granted


ABILENE, Texas - Jessica Dixon, 14, has dealt with cystic fibrosis her entire life.

"Jessica has cystic fibrosis. She's missing an enzyme to break down mucus," said Jessica's mother, Amanda Smith.

On Saturday, Dixon was able to put that behind her and enjoy a day all about her, with help from the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

"It's very sweet," said Make-A-Wish volunteer Mary Lou Garrett. "It's very rewarding to see kids that have to go through hard times live a big life for a day."

Dixon had a simple wish, one every little girl might dream of.

"A shopping spree and to get my nails and stuff done," Dixon said.

She spent the day getting pampered at The Parlor, eating lunch at Chili's with her family and shopping at JCPenney.

Dixon said living with cystic fibrosis is tough.

"I mean sometimes it's hard but you got to push through it," Dixon said.

By the end of the day, it was too overwhelming for Dixon to take in. She shed a tear of joy at JCPenney when she saw a bunch of presents just for her.

"This isn't something that she would get on a normal day at all. So I'm glad," Smith said.

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