Abilene hosts Winter Circuit and Spectacular Cutting event for 35 years


ABILENE, Texas - Dozens of horses and riders competed all day at the Expo Center for the Winter Spectacular Cutting event.

"Basically these horses are supposed to do it on their own. Once you drive a cow away from the heard and you put your hand down on the horses neck, that horse controls that cow by itself until you quit the cow legally," said one of the judges, Chris Dublin.

Dublin tells us what he's looking for and will be checking off any penalties made by the horses. "There are certain times when you can quit a cow," Dublin said. "It has to be either stopped dead still or turned away from you. If you lose a cow or fail to separate a cow from the herd that's a penalty."

Hadley Clearman has been competing the past four years and was pleased with her run. She was the last one to run in the senior youth class.

"My horse worked really well," Clearman said. "She was sharp and she was pushing towards the cows with us and just helping me out as much as she could."

Clearman said she enjoys competing and she wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

"My family has always shown horses and we have a ranch. I've grown up around it and I want to carry on the tradition."

The Abilene Winter Circuit and Spectacular Cutting event will end January 10th.

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