Abilene ISD launches class to inspire firefighter recruits


ABILENE, Texas - Abilene ISD is offering a "Principles of Fire" course to its high school students in an effort to spark interest for potential new recruits.

Former lieutenant with the Abilene Fire Department and current AISD teacher Mike Miller led the class.

"We would love to train local students and keep them local here in Abilene, so we are using Abilene High and Cooper as that training ground right now," Miller said.

The course teaches students basic fire safety, safety inspections on businesses, and fire history. Wednesday, the students took a tour of one of the fire stations and got to see what the job entails.

Abilene High School Sophomore Katarina Elmer said she couldn't wait to take the course. At a young age, Elmer was rescued by first responders when she and her mother were in car accident.

"Firefighters and police were there to help me so I want to give back what I took from them," Elmer said.

Elmer plans to join the Abilene Fire Department when she graduates from AHS.

Miller said there is also a fire academy planned where students would be able to take four semesters of training. The students would be able to graduate with their certifications to be a firefighter.

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