Abilene man arrested for robbing Walgreens on Halloween

Andrew RIley Reynolds (2017)

ABILENE, Texas - While kids were out trick or treating on Halloween, police say an Abilene man was out robbing a pharmacy.

But the clerk said Andrew Riley Reynolds, 27, was not wearing a mask when he walked into the Walgreens on North Willis Street around 9:40 p.m. Tuesday.

According to the arrest report, Reynolds pulled out a knife and demanded money.

After getting $844 in cash, Reynolds took off in his Subaru Outback.

Minutes later, police spotted the SUV in an alley behind a house in the 1600 block of North 8 th Street. Reynolds was still in the car.

"A small amount of money and clothing" was found behind the home.

Reynolds "made statements about going to prison for doing … another robbery."

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In 2014, Reynolds was arrested for robbing a Walgreens in Wichita Falls. He told the pharmacist he had a gun and demanded prescription drugs.

When Reynolds was located by police, he barricaded himself inside of an apartment for several hours.

According to the Texas Department of Corrections, Reynolds was sentenced in December 2015 to 8-years-in prison. But he was released after just four months on what is called "shock probation."

That is where a defendant spends a short time behind bars in hopes that learning about the reality of prison will shock them into following the law going forward. The defendant is then sentenced to probation.

Reynolds was on probation until September 2023.

His bond on the latest aggravated robbery was set at $100,000 bond.

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