Abilene man guilty of aggravated kidnapping back in jail


ABILENE, Texas - An Abilene man who was accused of trying to rape and kidnap a woman back in 2013 is now in jail.

In October 2014, 31-year-old Lafette Battee was given five years of probation after he pleaded guilty to aggravated kidnapping. According to court documents, he has since violated his probation and a motion to revoke his probation was filed. His bond is set at $75,000.

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An Abilene man accused of trying to kidnap and rape a woman has been indicted.

Lafette Battee, 26, was indicted after being arrested in December for driving without a license.

After police arrested Battee, they suspected he was responsible for an aggravated kidnapping from the day before.

The female victim told police he tried to rape her and that she tried to get away several times.

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