Abilene man linked to drug overdose deaths claims innocence


ABILENE, Texas - Michael Deon Thompson remains behind bars on a $150,000 bond, a bond he feels is too high for a crime he said he ' s not responsible for.

Wednesday, Abilene police arrested Thompson in connection to three heroin overdose deaths that occurred last week, and charged him with possession of heroin.

Thompson claims he never met the people who were found dead.

"I don't know nothing about what they talking about, I'm no drug dealer," Thompson told KTXS at the Taylor County Jail. Thompson has a long rap sheet that contains at least 10 possession of drug charges. He said law enforcement doesn't have any proof that he was linked to the three deaths and will fight for his freedom. "Sick, I'm sick, I feel damn near discouraged, but I'm going to fight though," Thompson said.

Thompson plans to file for a bond reduction hearing soon.