Abilene man makes 90 calls to 911 in less than 45 minutes


ABILENE, Texas - An Abilene man was arrested after police say he called 911 90 times in less than 45 minutes.

According to the arrest report, Ervin Paul Session, 44, was banging on his neighbors door Saturday night. When they showed up at his home on North 7 th Street, they say Session would only yell at them through the door.

He also called 911 over and over again, even after they asked him to stop.

Police did not say why he was calling 911, only that it was not an emergency.

Session was eventually arrested for abuse of 911. His bond was set at $750.

His sister, Connie Morrison, tells KTXS her brother had been in the hospital for pneumonia and a fever that he did not break for four days.

She says Session was on a cocktail of medications the hospital had administered before his arrest.

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