Abilene police find new connection in unsolved 2012 homicide


ABILENE, Texas - A homicide that happened five years ago is now resurfacing after Abilene police executed three search warrants related to the murder of Dan Nickerson, Jr. this month.

Nickerson, known as Barbeque Dan, was killed in June of 2012. Nickerson was found by a passerby in an alley.

According to court documents we obtained, police discovered in a recent investigation that Nickerson purchased drugs from two known drug dealers in the area where his body was found. In October, search warrants were issued for the phones that belong to the alleged dealers.

Police recently discovered a possible connection between one of the alleged drug dealers and the murder of Nickerson.

Court documents state that six days after the murder of Nickerson, police responded to an aggravated assault involving both alleged drug dealers. One of them was later arrested for the aggravated assault.

Police recently completed interviews with both parties and one of them confirmed they were both good friends. One of them said that the other mentioned killing Barbeque Dan before the assault and acted paranoid during their conversation. Police believe that those actions and the confrontation was a "direct result of Nickerson's murder," according to the court documents.

Police believe that both alleged dealers were in contact during or prior to the murder, and it may have been captured on their phones.

A year after the murder, Abilene Police Chief Stan Standridge said that they had received a lot of leads on the case.

"We've literally spent hundreds of hours of investigation trying to run this thing down," Standridge said in 2013. "It's a very difficult investigation because many persons that are potentially involved are not cooperating with police. However, we do remain committed to solving this homicide."