Abilene protesters meet for Inauguration Pride Sidewalk March


ABILENE, Texas - Instead of watching President Donald Trump's inauguration, protesters met Friday in Abilene for the Inauguration Pride Sidewalk March.

"The president that we have now is not very friendly to the LGBT community," said organizer Ricardo Reyes. "To me, this is a statement saying to him that we're here and we have a right to be who we are and that we just want to enjoy all the other freedoms that everybody else enjoys."

Six protesters marched around downtown Abilene with a pride flag and posters.

"I'm here to support the LGBT-plus community," said Sandy Leeman, who put her thoughts about this inauguration day on a poster.

Her poster reads, "Love trumps hate."

"This has everything to do with why we're here today," Leeman said. "[Trump] is not tolerant. He is impulsive and he mocks people in any minority position."

She marched alongside Reyes, who said they're worried about the future of the LGBT community.

"The people did vote for who they felt was appropriate for the job and that's the way America works," said Reyes. "Even though that is the case, we still feel some anger."

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