Abilene Regional Airport to improve camera monitoring system


ABILENE, Texas - Administrators at Abilene Regional Airport are currently working on a master plan to update its monitoring system.

The airport was allocated $4.2 million from the 2015 bond package to make improvements.

Most of that money is going to an improved runway, which is scheduled to be finished by mid-January, but another project on the table is the installation of a new camera monitoring system.

"What we have installed now is about 13-14 years old," said Director of Transportation Services at Abilene Regional Airport Don Green.

ABI currently has a little more than 30 cameras throughout the property. It's looking to replace the out-of-date monitoring system with a new state-of-the art one, more than doubling the amount of cameras. They're looking to have up to 78 cameras in and around the airport.

"We're starting to have some reliability issues with some of it and it's time to replace it. Technology changes pretty quickly so we're hoping to get the best that's out there," Green said.

The Federal Aviation Administration is funding 90 percent of the project, and bond money is being used for the remaining 10 percent.

The airport is accepting bid proposals from contractors up to mid-February.

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