Abilene Reporter-News apologizes for controversial ad


ABILENE, Texas - An unusual advertisement slipped in the Abilene Reporter-News paper on Wednesday.

The ad reads:

Republicans' New World Order officially starting January 20, 2017. Brought to you by: Republicons [sic], Ku Klux Klan, Vladimir Putin, Fascists and more.

After the ARN received many emails from subscribers with complaints about the ad, the paper's publisher, Jeff DeLoach, wrote an apology.

DeLoach said this was a mistake and was nothing more than human error. DeLoach told KTXS he did not know this ad was going to run--had he known beforehand, it wouldn't have been printed.

DeLoach also stated, "I hate that it successfully found its way through a few procedures that should have kept it out of the paper."

He said more procedures will take place so an ad like this doesn't get published in the paper. The news department does not handle any placement of advertisements.

We learned that this ad was purchased by an individual, however the name was not released.

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