Abilene residents angered by KKK flyers found in yards


ABILENE, Texas - Saturday morning, the Hampton Hills neighborhood of Abilene found flyers reading "The KKK wants you" in bags strewn throughout yards.

Two neighbors, James Moore and Alicia Lewis, walked the neighborhood and picked up over a dozen of the propaganda flyers.

"We started walking and I noticed the baggies laying in some people's yards and didn't pay attention at first. Then I happened to see one laying face up and I saw the picture of the Klansman on there and the KKK lettering," said resident Alicia Lewis. "This is not something we stand for in this community."

Neighbors wanted to stop others from having to see it, especially because Dyess Elementary School is right around the corner. Moore said his close-knit community will not tolerate this.

"We don't need this for our children to see or for anybody to see or have to go through this racism," Moore said. "We don't need this in our community in this day and in this age. We're supposed to come further than this. I ' ve seen this in the '60s when I was growing up and I'm from Abilene, but this has to change."

Another resident at Hampton Hills, Randel West, said in the 10 years he's lived there, he's never come across a KKK flyer on his lawn.

"It's just another hate group trying to divide the country more than it already is, " West said. "We don't have any room for that kind of behavior in Abilene. Abilene's a good Christian community. We should act like it and come together like Americans and not ethnic groups."

The Abilene Police Department said distributing these flyers is a municipal code violation and a citation will be issued to anyone caught. Police also encouraged citizens to report the incidents.