Abilene widow expresses concern about handling of husband's case


The widow of a man killed in a recent accident on Buffalo Gap Road is speaking out.

Betty Medford believes that had the roles been flipped, had her husband reared ended and killed someone, he would have been arrested.

"She was negligent," Medford said.

It's been nearly two months since her husband Earnest, 57, was taken from her.

"When you rear end someone in an accident, whether you take a life or not, you're going to get a ticket," said the widow.

Only, the distracted driver received no citation.

Unlike she and his children hoped, there hasn't been any arrest either, which Medford feels is unjust after documents showed the driver admitted to using her cellphone to play a YouTube video and was attending to her baby moments before the crash.

The 57-year-old contractor had stopped to pick up tools that had fallen off his truck.

Not only did witnesses see his hazard lights on before the moment of impact, so did a responding officer, she said.

"I said 'if the shoe been on the other foot my husband being black he would have been put up in the Taylor County Jail," Medford said.

Not only is she waiting for a status update on the investigation of her husband's death, she's also had to wait more than a month to recover the belongings inside her husband's truck here at APD's in pound lot that include a Bible.

Medford's attorney Victoria Carter says she sent a letter to Abilene Police back on Aug. 14 after weeks of unanswered calls. There was no response and when there finally was it was a month later.

"There's another case that I'm involved in with Robbin Caldwell, well with her, the person who killed her was arrested within days. In this case they knew who killed Earnest Medford," said Carter.

Police say they are waiting on toxicology reports before proceeding and presenting the case to the district attorney. However, Carter believes charges could be filed now and changed once reports come back.

"Maybe take it in front of a grand jury, give her a pre-indictment number or something," Carter said.