Abilene woman mourns family decimated by church shooting


ABILENE, Texas - Teresa Rogers of Abilene used to attend the Oak Hills Community Church near Floresville, just south of Sutherland Springs. That's where she first met Crystal Holcombe, the mother of 5 who died Sunday.

Eight of the Holcombes were killed, including one unborn child, when a gunman opened fire at the church Sunday. A total of 26 people were killed.

"That whole family of ten, three survived, and that's just not odds that any family should have to go through," said Rogers.

Rogers and her husband, Johnathan, lived in Floresville when they met the Holcombes. Teresa says they were kind, quiet people who would visit often for bible study.

"Crystal is a very soft spoken lady, she was obviously caring of the kids. She didn't work outside the home, she took care of her kids," said Rogers.

Crystal was eight months pregnant when she was killed. Three of her children were also killed.

"That would've been six kids," Rogers said.

With only two surviving children, Theresa says she wants to bring the Big Country together to let those kids know that they're being prayed for.

"Just from one kid to another, saying, 'Hey I'm praying for you,' I think it would make a big difference," said Rogers.

She set a goal to collect cards from kids across the Big Country. Anyone can write letters or make cards to send to the victims.

"[We want] to let them know that people from Abilene do care and let them know that they are being lifted up in prayer," Rogers said.

Letters can be sent or dropped off at Broadview Baptist Church at 2500 S. 27th St.