Abilene youth football team denied playoff trip due to embezzlement


ABILENE, Texas - Parents of kids in an Abilene youth football organization say the Redskins players poured their hearts into the game, but they're upset that they won't be going to the playoffs because of an issue with embezzlement by a previous board member.

They also say the West Texas Youth Football Association isn't doing enough about the situation.

On October 18, a police report was filed stating that "someone working in a volunteer position as a board member of a youth sports organization misappropriated funds of money that that person was entrusted with." The victim information was listed as the Redskins Organization.

Cherie Toombs, a mother of two Redskins players, said she doesn't know how to break the news to her son.

"I know that it'll break their hearts," Toombs said. "I know they'll be super sad. They love the game … I just can't even imagine how they're gonna feel when they find out about this."

The West Texas Youth Football Association sent a letter to the Redskins Organization's coaches, dated October 18. It states that the "Redskins are under probation, effective immediately." This came after the embezzlement report was filed.

Cynthia Alvidrez, another mother of two Redskins football players, said she wants the association to make some changes.

"My boy and his teammates earned that spot in the playoffs and so I feel that they're owed that," Alvidrez said.

Both mothers also said they don't understand why the team was allowed to play on Saturday and led to believe they made it to the playoffs if they were supposed to be on probation and the fees weren't paid.

We reached out to the vice president of the WTYFA, Frank Peck, and he said their decision to not allow the Redskins to go to the playoffs wasn't solely based on the stolen money. He said there's more information that will surface eventually.

Abilene Mayor Anthony Williams said he's meeting with the executive board on Tuesday evening. Williams was president of the WTYFA a couple of years ago. He wants the association to focus on the children and not let the consequences of one board member to affect them.

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