ACU Football coach Adam Dorrel reflects on state of football and politics


ABILENE, Texas - It's been a whirl wind of a week for the NFL and its fans. Over the weekend, players, coaches, and staff members continued to let their voices be heard, but one local coach is giving us his take - and puts things in a different perspective.

"I'm so frustrated with our country because everybody wants to talk about all our differences," said ACU head football coach Adam Dorrel.

It's September of 2017. Football is not the same as we're used to right now.

Instead of worrying about fantasy points, highlights, wins/losses, and the moves made by the sports' superstars - today, the football world is consumed about politics, and the ramifications on its players and on the country we live in.

"I think it makes us look like fools across the world," added Dorrel in an address to the media on Wednesday.

And it's having a trickle-down effect, with players on the college and high school level also being exposed to the recent NFL protests. Some even taking the time to address the issues at hand.

But one program taking a different approach, is ACU. The Wildcats won't react to those differences, rather what keeps them as a team together.

"From what I've seen, between social media and media - there's so many things that are driving locker rooms apart," he said. "We're going to talk about the things that we have in common. I've always done that as a head coach because people are not going to agree on that stuff. And to even bring that to light, I've never understood why head coaches do that."

But while the discussion will continue to roll on, Dorrel says there is hope that a shift in focus, could spark greater change.

"If people would start realizing all the things we have in common, then I think we'll all be a little better off," he said.

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