ACU police offer parking tips for first game at Wildcat Stadium


ABILENE, Texas - The first game at ACU's Wildcat Stadium is Saturday.

There's plenty of excitement, but there probably won't be plenty of parking on campus.

It'll be the first football game played on campus at ACU in 59 years.

My advice is to get here early, try to beat the traffic, come and tailgate with us, go to the bookstore, walk around, and see all the new facilities this isn't the only new facility on this campus," said Lee De Leon, ACU's athletic director.

De Leon is making sure the team's ready. Campus police are getting their team ready, too.

"So, just a lot of planning, a lot of logistics -- we're throwing everything into the first game -- make sure it goes as smoothly as possible -- that people have a great experience," said Lt. Randy Motz, with the ACU police department.

Police are urging fans to arrive at least an hour early and know ahead of time where they plan to park.

"If they have a plan, that means if you're not familiar with the campus, it would be a great 15, 20, 30 minute investment to come down to campus and just look and see what the parking looks like," Motz said.

Police said capacity at the stadium is about 12,000, and there are about 4,300 parking spaces on campus.

They said the north side of campus will be controlled parking for season ticket holders.

General admission parking will be on the south side of campus.

University Church of Christ and Hillcrest Church of Christ will offer parking, but some fans might still have to park in residential areas near campus.

"Don't park in alleys, and certainly don't park on their yards," Motz said. "Park legally, and just be respectful of their property."

Police said fans should be ready to walk and only cross streets at crosswalks and traffic lights.

TxDOT said State Highway 351 and Interstate 20 is supposed to open Thursday. Campus police said they're planning like it won't be just in case.

You can find a link to maps and more information about game day parking and tailgating here.