Facebook user places ad for marijuana on Abilene classifieds page


ABILENE, Texas - An eye-catching post surfaced on Facebook Monday: an ad for marijuana on the page "Abilene Sell Everything."

A man by the name of Tony Glen was promoting the sale of "top quality cannabis for cancer patients, pains and anxiety."

Within hours of it being posted, it was taken down. Glen has since deleted his page as well.

We wanted to know if any legal action could be taken based on the post.

Local attorney John Young said that no laws were broken just by the post alone.

"I think once that delivery is made, whether there's money for it or not, then I believe it becomes a crime," Young said.

Rick Tomlin with the Abilene Police Department said they don't have many options when it comes to patrolling these type of posts.

"He lives in California. There's not much APD can do," Tomlin said.

Police say it's harder to track the people behind these type of posts when they live out of state, but it's a different story if you live nearby.

"It's more of working towards people that live here in Abilene that are possibly thinking about making an illegal purchase like that," Tomlin said. "Don't do it, because you can get caught."

The only type of medical marijuana legally allowed in Texas is a cannabis extract that doesn't produce a high but does help treat epilepsy and other chronic medical conditions.

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