Alliance for Women and Children stops funding A-Teens program


ABILENE, Texas - A-Teens, a program nearly a century in the making, has ended in Abilene.

The Alliance for Women and Children ' s Board voted Tuesday to focus its fundraising efforts on the Alliance After School Care program. Executive Director Toni Brockway said the decision wasn ' t made lightly.

"We are just at a point now that funding is just getting thinner and thinner and as that happens you just have to make some tough choices," said Brockway. "It's devastating to make that decision to close a program very near and dear to us."

The A-Teens program serves about 50 middle schoolers from four local school districts. Brockway said the purpose of the program is to provide teen girls with a safe environment to improve their self-esteem.

The program is funded through private donations and fundraisers.

Brockway added, " if circumstances change over the next few years and we received funding for this program, we could bring it back. "

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