Attorney for 'person of interest' in Niblo murder: Abilene PD should 'put up or shut up'


The attorney for a "person of interest" in the December 2016 murder of Abilene realtor Thomas Niblo says police need to put up or shut up when it comes to his client.

Lynn Ingalsbe, attorney for Niblo's brother-in-law Luke Sweetser, says he has grown frustrated with the police department.

"Having named my client as the only suspect publicly at this point in time is to me offensive," Ingalsbe told KTXS.

Ingalsbe said the department's handling has become offensive to him because there hasn't been sufficient evidence to charge Sweetser with homicide.

Sweetser was arrested Dec. 14 - two days after Niblo was found shot to death in his home - after police found stolen guns in Sweetser's storage shed while investigating the murder. He was charged with theft of a firearm. He has since been released.

The preliminary autopsy showed Niblo was shot in his head, face, abdomen, torso, left and right extremities, and left and right legs.

What Ingalsbe says have become especially frustrating for him is Abilene police alluding to incriminating evidence, which he believes is an attempt to convict his client in the media.

"Chief (Stan) Standridge announced with great fanfare that there had been new developments that new evidence had been found," Ingalsbe said. "And it's been sent to the laboratory and we'll have a breakthrough in the case and it's just a matter of a couple of weeks. We're still waiting."

Standridge was out of town and unavailable for comment when this story aired on Friday, July 7.

Standridge recently told the Abilene Reporter-News that the department is committed to arresting the person or people responsible for Niblo's death.

In the meantime, Ingalsbe is defending his client on a firearms theft charge, which he believes will end in a probated sentence because Sweetser has no criminal record.

"I hope frankly that the police do catch the real culprit, so that my client can be exonerated," Ingalsbe said.

It's important to note for people who haven't followed his story: The firearms stolen and found in Sweetser's storage belonged to Abilene attorney Randy Wilson, a friend of Niblo.

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