Baird locked-in on breaking through playoff rut


BAIRD, Texas - The Baird Bears have made the playoffs three years in a row -- an admirable feat considering the shape the team was in when head coach Chad Barron began his rebuild.

"Three years ago we weren't good. We were not good," senior Ricardo Gonzalez said. "When [coach Barron] came, he brought us to playoff, playoff, after playoff, so we just grew together. We got a lot closer as a team, so we work harder together."

Now the goal is not just to make the post-season, but get past the first round which is something the Bears haven't been able to do in their three latest appearances.

"Put us in an opportunity to get a bi-district championship and to try to make some noise in the playoffs," said Barron, who is entering his fifth season with Baird.

"That's that next logical step for us. Just getting there ain't good enough. It's not good enough for me and I've definitely seen that in the attitudes of our players. They're not satisfied either."

One of Barron's objectives during pre-season practice is to develop the four new starters on the offensive line.

The Bears will look to add upon their previous offensive schemes to work the ball to their play makers, such as Gonzalez.

"We're going to be able to get the ball to him through the air," said Barron. "We're also going to utilize him on the ground, utilize his quick first step."

Gonzalez recorded close to 700 receiving yards and six touchdowns to go along with three interceptions last season.

Baird will begin the season at De Leon on Friday, Sept. 1 with the Bears' first home game the following Friday against Menard.

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