Bangs woman claims man invaded her home, expresses concern he wasn't arrested


BANGS, Texas - A Bangs woman says she felt violated after she woke up to find a man inside her home and especially concerned when police failed to arrest him.

The town's police chief, however, says his department didn't find any evidence to warrant an arrest.

Officers responded on Monday at 8:01 a.m. to the 800 block of Fitzgerald Street, according to police reports. The original call came in as an assault.

Julie Brown shares the home where law enforcement was sent with her husband and mother.

"It's hard to sleep thinking that somebody can just come in your back door anytime," Brown told KTXS on Friday, claiming she had an intruder.

Brown is struggling to cope with the home invasion.

She said the sound of her two dogs barking awakened her Monday morning, and that's when she spotted a 27-year-old man standing near her kitchen.

"The [back] door was wide open…when he was running back out, so I know he came through the door," Brown said.

Brown snapped photos of bloody hand prints on her door and fence. She said the man was yelling that someone was trying to kill him.


"He hopped over the barb wire and came straight…to the back door," Brown said, standing in her backyard.

When she chased him out of her house, he walked over to her side door and began banging and yelling. Her 84-year-old mother called dispatch.

The suspect then hid under a car until police came, she said.

"They let him go, they didn't arrest him at all," said Brown, who was very much surprised by that.

"The man is going to be held accountable, if he committed a crime," Bangs Mayor Eric Bishop said Friday.

Bishop said safety is a top priority for his administration.

Bangs Police Chief Jorge Camarillo responded to Brown's home Monday, along with a Department of Public Safety trooper, two Brown County sheriff's deputies, and Lifeguard ambulance services.

"I can't speculate what might or might've not happen. But at this time…it doesn't look like he made entry into the home," Camarillo said.

He disputes Brown's account of a man going inside her home because he couldn't find any evidence of blood on her floors.

Camarillo said the non-arrest doesn't mean he's done with his investigation or that police are trying to secretly drop the case, as a few people have claimed.

"As far as anything being swept under the rug, no. Not in Bangs," he said.