Big Country company temporarily suspends sale of controversial‘bump stocks'

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Slide Fire, the Moran-based companyMORAN, Texas - that invented "bump stocks," has temporarily suspended selling them in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre.

But the decision has nothing to do with the 59 people who were killed and the more than 500 people who were injured.

The company posted a message on its website that states: "We have temporarily suspended taking new orders in order to provide the best service with those already placed."

Slide Fire first patented the product in 2000 and they were approved for sale in 2010.

The device basically replaces the gun's stock and pistol grip and causes the gun to buck back and forth, repeatedly "bumping" the trigger against the shooter's finger. Technically, that means the finger is pulling the trigger for each round fired, keeping the weapon a legal semi-automatic.

Listings for the devices had been seen on websites for Walmart and Cabela's, two of the nation's largest gun retailers. But those listings were no longer on either company's website on Wednesday.

Walmart said in a statement that it pulled the devices after determining they violated a "prohibited items policy" and never should have been offered for sale.

The White House, National Rifle Association and top congressional Republicans - including two Texans - have agreed on the need to regulate "bump stocks."

Some gun owners say they see no legitimate need for the devices, but the sudden pivot from the NRA in favor of a gun regulation, however narrow, is surprising.