Big Country ranchers send $50K in supplies to wildfire victims


ABILENE, Texas - The Big Country livestock community is coming together to help those ranchers in the Panhandle who lost so much in last week's wildfires.

They've just sent two truckloads of supplies packed with $50,000 worth of fencing equipment, protein feed, and hay; and they're hoping to send even more.

Randy Carson, who's owned the Abilene Livestock Auction since 1967, knows what it takes to raise cattle.

"It's calving season, and the cows have nothing to eat right now, and they don't have fences to keep them in, and I'm sure they're having a lot of trouble up there," Carson said.

Last week wildfires in the panhandle destroyed nearly half a million acres -- displacing cattle and claiming four lives.

"Well when it started out I didn't realize it was gonna be as big as it was," Carson said.

Carson said the livestock community is a very large one but also a tight-knit one, and they look out for one another.

"That could happen here in Abilene, Texas," Carson said. "I mean that's cattle people for you. It's neighbor helping neighbor."

Carson knows mother nature will eventually help those ranchers get back on their feet, but until then, he and his friends will do all they can.

"Hopefully we'll have some spring rains, and the grass will come back, but they need help right now," Carson said.

If you'd like to help out, you can drop off donations at the Abilene Livestock Auction at 3265 North Judge Ely Boulevard in Abilene. You can also mail them marked "Wildfire Fund" to Rowena Milling, P.O. Box 312, Rowena, TX 76875.