Bill aimed at Brown Co. Attorney's office advances closer to vote


AUSTIN, Texas - A Texas House bill aimed at repealing a statute that allowed the Brown County Attorney's office to collect donations from criminal defendants is inching closer to being signed into law.

H.B. 2273, filed by Rep. Mike Lang, moved out of the House Jurisprudence and Civil Committee on Tuesday.

The bill went before a public hearing last week, where several Brown County residents testified in support of it, including Brown County Commissioner Gary Worley.

It will remove a piece of legislation that gave Brown County Attorney Shane Britton license to operate a donation program inside his office from 2007-2015.

As the county attorney, Britton collected donations from defendants in misdemeanor cases who paid a fee to have their charges dismissed or lessened.

This practice has caused the U.S. Attorney in Lubbock to investigate Britton for bribery and corruption.

H.B. 2273 is in the House's Calendars Committee where members will choose a date for the bill to go before a House floor vote.

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