Brother-in-law's dress shoes seized as evidence in murder of Abilene realtor


ABILENE, Texas - Abilene police seized the dress shoes Luke Sweetser, the brother-in-law of murdered Abilene realtor Tom Niblo, was wearing at the time of his arrest.

Niblo was shot eight times Dec. 12 at his home on Woodridge Drive and pronounced dead at Hendrick Medical Center.

Sweetser has not been charged with the murder, but he is a suspect.

According to a search warrant signed Dec. 16, police seized Sweetser's size 13 Allen Edmonds dress shoes while he was in the Taylor County Jail. Sweetser was arrested two days after Niblo's murder. He's accused of stealing some guns later recovered during the course of the murder investigation.

Police want to compare those shoes to a shoe print found on the bathroom door at Niblo's house. Police believe the suspect tried to kick in the bathroom door after shooting Niblo. His wife, Cheryl, was in the bathroom but escaped the house unharmed.

The search warrant for Sweetser's dress shoes also explains why he was wearing orange, jail issued shows when he bonded out Jan. 13.

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