Brown County Attorney denies he made agreements with hit-and-run suspect


BROWN COUNTY, Texas - On Monday, KTXS reported that in 2003 and 2006 the suspect in Saturday's deadly hit-and-run entered into two pretrial diversion agreements with Brown County Attorney Shane Britton's office.

Britton reached out to KTXS taking issue with some facts in Monday's report.

"What's being reported is not the truth and I'm doing this as a courtesy to tell you what the truth is," Britton said on Tuesday.

Samuel Juarez Jr., 34, was arrested Saturday for allegedly killing 8-year-old Daylan Frankin while driving drunk, according to police.

Britton denied Juarez signed two pretrial diversion agreements with his office, when KTXS obtained court documents showing Juarez did. They revealed Juarez paid $500 and the charges were dismissed.

These agreements allowed defendants in misdemeanor cases to get a lesser charge or avoid jail time by making a payment.

"He didn't. That was completely separate from anything in my office," Britton said.

KTXS asked him then where were these agreements made.

"[Juarez] didn't file them in my office. He filed it with the clerk's office," Britton said.

Brown County Clerk Sharon Ferguson told KTXS she doesn't have the authority to make pretrial diversion agreements. They can only be made between the county attorney and the defendant and her office only processes them, according to Ferguson.

After KTXS repeatedly told Britton we were in possession of documents with his signature, Britton exited the interview.

That pretrial diversion program is being investigated by the U.S. Attorney's Office.

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