Brown County voters overwhelmingly against Ranger College expansion


BROWNWOOD, Texas - Update 8:30 p.m.: With all 18 precincts reporting in Brown County, 169 votes were cast in favor of the Ranger College tax referendum with 5,912 opposed, effectively killing the proposal.

Ranger College President Bill Campion acknowledged the failure in a statement Tuesday evening.

"The voters have spoken and Ranger College accepts the voters' wishes," Campion said. " We appreciate our supporters; be assured our institution will continue to do everything possible to serve students throughout our service areas even though our severely limited resources preclude the many things we would like to do. We look forward to a cordial relationship with everyone throughout our service areas."


A tax referendum to expand Ranger College in Brown County may be doomed before all of Tuesday's votes are reported, according to early voting results.

While 78 of the early or absentee votes were cast in favor of the expansion, a whopping 3,551 votes were cast against the expansion, according to the Brown County Elections Office.

Under the expansion, property owners in Brown, Erath, and Comanche counties with a home valued at $100,000 would pay an additional $110 a year in taxes. The expansion was also put to a vote in Comanche and Erath counties.

Supporters of the move say Ranger College's expansion would provide additional career opportunities as local residents could take classes and earn certifications.

KTXS will update this article when the final vote total is released.

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