Brown County fire department asking for help buying new truck


BROWN COUNTY, Texas - A small volunteer fire department in Brown County is asking for your help.

Winchell Fire and Rescue is asking for donations to help them buy a new fire truck.

It would be their first new fire truck in 20 years.

A donor pledged $118,000 to go towards the truck if the department can raise the remaining $40,000 needed to buy it.

To meet the challenge the money must be raised in the next 60 days.

We need to keep moving forward," said Chief Steve Adams, with the Winchell Volunteer Fire Department. This GoFundMe page is something brand new. I think as people see that those who can and want to contribute to help our fire department, it's just a click of button."

The department responds to fires and other emergencies all over southern Brown County.

You can find their GoFundMe page here:

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