Brownwood escape rooms now open after successful run earlier this year


BROWNWOOD, Texas - Brownwood residents can now try their luck at breaking out of the county's old historic jail.

Joseph Dennis and his family put together Break Out Brownwood inside the Brown County Museum of History for the second time this year.

Dennis said the museum invited them to host the event again after the success of the jailbreak escape room in May.

"In any escape room, you look around, you observe, you try to find the pieces you need to solve the puzzle to get out," Dennis said on Monday.

Dennis said the escape rooms were designed as a way of teaching his kids valuable business skills, such as creating a plan, sticking to goals, and managing the finances.

His two daughters helped develop the concept for a new escape room offering, this time called the Fairfield Museum Heist.

Similar to the jailbreak escape room, participants have 60 minutes to find the clues to get out.

"To solve the puzzle, you do not need to necessarily read out," Dennis said holding a book that can be found inside the museum heist room. "You just need to know where the clues are."

Dennis said he recommends three to six people at a time participate in one session. He believes these exercises teach lessons on team building.

"The biggest challenge people have, especially in the prison break, is communication, because if you're not talking to each other it's going to be difficult," he said.

The escape rooms are open every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday by reservation only until Dec 30.

Spots can be booked by visiting their Facebook page or sending an email to Tickets cost $25 per person and half the proceeds are donated to the Brown County Museum of History.