Brownwood man sentenced to 10 years for child sex crime after plea


BROWNWOOD, Texas - A Brownwood man will serve 10 years in state prison for sexually assaulting two children after his conviction was overturned earlier this year.

Dan Ross Olin, Jr., 43, was found guilty of continuous sexual assault of a child last December and sentenced by a jury to 25 years in prison. But his conviction was overturned and a new trial granted in February because the jury heard inadmissible evidence.

On Tuesday, Olin reached a plea deal with prosecutors for aggravated sexual assault of a child.

Olin will be serving 10 years at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and have to register as a sex offender for life.

"For all children, it's very very difficult to go through the trial process," Assistant 35th Judicial District Attorney Elisha Bird said. "Our office does everything we can to minimize the impact on them."

But Dan Cox, executive director of Noah Project, said victims face several challenges. One problem is that victims are sometimes led to believe they deserve to be sexually assaulted.

"One of the things that perpetrators of sexual assault or domestic violence do is that they're world-class manipulators," Cox said.

The Ark Domestic Violence Shelter in Brownwood said the increases in young victims has led them to develop educational resources to teach adults what's considered appropriate touching.

"[We're] teaching men how to not sexually assault people and putting a lot more of the accountability on the perpetrators," Savannah Cox, community education and volunteer coordinator for The Ark, said.

Dan Cox said despite a victim's gender or age, no one deserves to be assaulted. He suggests the first thing victims do is confide in someone safe and find a nonprofit that helps victims.

"There's no excuse for someone being hurt. There's no excuses for someone to be mishandled. There's no excuse for someone to be made uncomfortable by sexual advances," Cox said.

Both Noah Project in Abilene and The Ark in Brownwood are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for victims of sexual assault. The number for Noah Project's crisis hotline is 1-800-444-3551. For The Ark it is 1-888-313-2699.