Brownwood mayor's State of the City focuses on finances, future projects


BROWNWOOD, Texas - The Brownwood mayor held his annual State of the City address on Friday.

The event, which took place at the Coggin Avenue Baptist Church Connection Center, focused on the city's finances and potential future projects.

Mayor Stephen Haynes told those in attendance the city saw a decrease in its sales tax collections for 2016 when compared to its record 2015, but he assured people that falls in line with the state economic trend.

He said new projects on the city's horizon would be splash pads and possibly a civic center.

"A large seating-type venue, do we need that? Can we justify the expense? I'd like your feedback on that," Haynes asked the crowd rhetorically. "Every time I've talked about this, I've only gotten positive reaction from the people who've heard it."

Haynes said Howard Payne University rents the Brownwood Coliseum from the city eight months out of the year for its sporting events.

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