Brownwood motel releases surveillance video of confrontation with customer


UPDATE BROWNWOOD, Texas - KTXS reached out to Kaycee Struck again on Monday. During the call, she issued an apology to the Brownwood Inn and Suites for her tirade which was caught on the motel's surveillance camera.

"I lost my temper and said things I shouldn't have," Struck said as she got choked up. " If I could take them back a million times, I'd do it in a heartbeat."

Struck said she was upset after finding blood and hair on the sheets of their bed. On Monday, she told KTXS the A/C in the room was also busted.

"I just wanted to get my money back so we could find somewhere else to sleep," Struck said.

After trying for what she said was 90 minutes to get a refund, Struck said she snapped.

"I shouldn't have said it," Struck said. "I get that."

Struck, who is battling cancer, said the family's financial situation is taking a toll on her. She said she and her husband are losing their home because of debt from mounting medical bills and putting three kids through college.

Since the story aired Friday, Struck said she and her family have been threatened. She also said people have contacted her employer trying to get her fired. Original story: A woman reached out to KTXS to complain about her experience at a Brownwood motel. She said she found a dirty room with blood-stained sheets.

But the owners of the Budget Inn and Suites have released surveillance video showing a racially charged confrontation with the customer.

Kaycee Struck came to visit Brownwood for two days. On Thursday evening she checked in to the Budget Inn and she said she nearly lost it.

"I was disgusted," Struck said on Friday.

Struck said she noticed hair on her pillow.

"When we pulled the sheets back, there was hair and blood on the sheets at the foot of the bed," Struck said. "There was more nastiness than what we saw initially."


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Struck told KTXS the motel didn't want to refund her money and has yet to do so as of this publishing.

But, the motel's owners presented a different side to the story.

"If there was an issue like that, obviously we don't fight with the guest," Marilyn Ung, the owners' daughter, said. "We refund immediately, as soon as possible. We want them to feel good about their experience with us."

Budget Inn provided us with a statement from its credit card vendor showing the transaction was voided.

Struck confirmed with KTXS that the last four digits listed in the statement were hers. But, she said the money hasn't been deposited into her account.

The motel also provided surveillance video of Thursday's incident that was captured in the lobby.

"If you yell at me again, so help me Jesus Christ, you're going to be arrested tonight," Struck could be heard screaming.

The video recorded Struck's exchange with the motel's manager over the phone.

"This might be acceptable in Cambodia where you came from buddy, but it is not acceptable in America," Struck said.

She could be heard repeatedly yelling at the manager about the blood and hair on the sheets.

"You will be shut down and you can go back to Cambodia where you came from," Struck said. "And I hope this place falls apart, you don't deserve to own a business."

"Because of the fact that we were born and raised here, it did really offend us," Ung said.

Ung said her parents have owned the motel for more than a decade. They've been living in the United States for more than 25 years, having emigrated from Cambodia.

"At first it was actually shocking because we've never gotten that before," Ung said. "We speak perfect, fluent English."

After seeing the video, KTXS contacted Struck to get her response. Struck stood by her statements and said the manager was rude.

As far as the condition of the motel, Ung said they apologized that night and changed the sheets to try and rectify the situation.

The motel was fined earlier this year for health code violations.

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