Brownwood student paints homage to Whataburger, gets free food for teammates


BROWNWOOD, Texas - A little bit of paint and effort, and a whole lot of love for Whataburger ended up with the Brownwood High School basketball team getting a free meal.

It started with BHS senior Blake Bronniman's parking spot, according to a news release. He painted it up in the iconic orange and white stripes like you might find on one of the chain's pickup tents.

The burger chain found out and wanted to return the love, so representatives got the go-ahead from UIL, went to the school, and hooked Bronniman and his teammates up with free food and coupons for future meals.

When asked why Bronniman chose Whataburger to don his spot, he said it's his favorite place to go after games. But it was also his first choice after a harrowing incident earlier this year.

"It was also one of the first places I wanted to go after being released from the hospital back in May -- since I had not eaten in weeks and had lost 47 pounds," Bronniman said.

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