Brownwood students write letters to victims of Hurricane Harvey


BROWNWOOD, Texas - A group of Brownwood students have written letters to victims of Hurricane Harvey in the hopes of sending a little encouragement to south Texas.

Sixth graders at Coggin Elementary School wrote the notes this week and filled them with messages of strength and hope.

Teacher Ashley Combs said on Friday she wanted to challenge her students to write empathetic letters and place themselves in the shoes of those who've lost everything.

"The underlying message of this is to show empathy. To care for these people who are going through this tragedy right now," said Combs, who's in her first year teaching at the school.

KTXS asked a few of Combs' students to share what they wrote.

"Dear Friend, I can't even imagine what you're going through right now, but I can imagine you getting back to your feet," Emma Ringer wrote.

"Stay strong during the events of Hurricane Harvey," Jake Jetton wrote. "And stay safe, don't go into the water."

"I hope you're staying strong. I am so sorry to what's happened to you and your family," Kamryn Williams wrote.

"You can get through this," Sam Donathan wrote. "I wish I can help you. I know this is a bad situation but make It as good as you can."

The kids wrote 256 letters and they'll be delivered to Houston this weekend with care packages, according to Combs.

Eleven-year-old Sam said the images coming out of south Texas have scared him but inspired him to live a life helping others.

"I feel like they have so much to go through right now that they needed some inspiration," he said.

For Emma, she was hoping to place herself in the shoes of some of her family members who live in the Houston area.

"My grandparents live in Houston so it kinda felt like I was helping out," she said.

As for Kamryn, the sixth grader hopes her message uplifts the spirits of those who feel down and out by Harvey.

"God is watching over them, and they should know that it will get better soon, and everything will go back to normal," she said.