Bump stocks recovered after Las Vegas shooting


ABILENE, Texas - Twelve bump stocks were attached to rifles recovered from Stephen Paddock's Las Vegas hotel room where he fired upon thousands of concert-goers earlier this week.

It is not confirmed who manufactured those bump stocks were, but one of the main producers of the rifle addon is located here in the Big Country.

Slide Fire first patented the product in 2000 and they were approved for sale in 2010. Bump stocks are used to increase the rate of fire of semi-automatic rifles.

Semi-automatic guns fire one round each time the trigger is pulled. They are capable of shooting about 60 rounds per minute, depending on how fast the trigger can be pulled. With a bump stock modification, the rate goes up to about 600 rounds per minute.

Bump stocks use the energy from recoil to pull the trigger for the next shot, allowing for faster fire.

Fully automatic rifles, which are illegal without a special permit, fire continuously while the trigger is pulled and are capable of shooting 900 to 1,200 rounds per minute.

Bump stocks are legal because they do not alter the gun to fire automatically, even though they allow a faster fire rate that is similar to a fully automatic rifle.

In Las Vegas, the gunman fired for about 10 minutes, but in the first 31 seconds, 280 shots were fired.

Prior to the Las Vegas shooting, the product was sold on Walmart and Cabela's websites but they are no longer listed for sale.

We went to speak with Slide Fire but they declined to comment.

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